Views from VA studios across the country and beyond

Alumnx: Jennifer Cerutti (W 19) Wachula, FL, United States

Welcome to my workspace, The Sunshine wagon Studio RV, a 34 ft. 1981 Silver Streak Continental Supreme Luxury Liner. I have been living, working and traveling (when possible) in her for the last four and a half years. In this space I have everything necessary to create oil paintings, artist books, videos, multimedia and performance projects. In this I also co-manage Artists Against Fascism.

I became a full-time RV-er when I could no longer afford to rent a traditional home. The best part is that wherever I go, I have my home. I have met some wonderful people in many places around the country. The RV community is welcoming and supportive. This lifestyle is really fun and inspiring but has come with many great challenges, such as constantly having to be on the move, truck breakdowns, road hazards and accidents which affect my artistic flow. These issues created financial problems which put me and my home at extreme risk.

The Sunshine Wagon also houses my two dogs, Buster and Bella and kitty, Esme. This year, we have been joined by multimedia artist Vincent Kral (VA W 20). We are currently camped in Wachula Fl., but that will change next week.