Views from VA studios across the country and beyond

Alumnx: Ross Sheehan (S 20), South Burlington & Vergennes, VT, United States

On the inside, my studio is a living, breathing, and ever evolving place. It is a converted 1800s carriage house located in downtown Vergennes, Vermont (Vermont’s oldest city). After stripping away decades of wallpaper and plaster, scraping away the lead paint, and discovering hidden treasures inside its walls, I have developed a personal connection to the space. Often, this material is archived, or added to the sculptures that litter its grounds, and mixed into the painted constructions that are stacked in its corners.

In 2019, concepts formulated outside of the studio found their way into the space to be further developed. I found the act of walking, getting lost, observing local environmental changes, and documenting everyday life honest and reinvigorating. By using methods of photography, cartography, drawing, video, writing, note taking, and psychogeographical research, I have built a practice based on flexibility and chance, and to not always rely on an indoor space to create work in. This has been freeing. It has allowed for me to gather ideas, to carry my work wherever I go. Presently, it is the combination of working inside the studio after embarking on an exterior adventure that seems to be the right formula.