Alumna Judy Walgreen and Faculty Member Michelle Dizon Receive Art Matters Grant

Art Matters announces 2016 grantees

Art Matters is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2016 grants to individual artists. The foundation awarded 26 grants of 5,000 and 10,000 USD for projects and ongoing work that breaks ground aesthetically and socially.

In addition to grants to individuals, Art Matters made a special grant to Lower Manhattan Cultural Council for Michael Richards: Winged, an exhibition of work by Richards, a 1995 grantee, who died tragically in his LMCC studio in the World Trade Center on 9/11.

In announcing the grants, Art Matters Director Sacha Yanow said, “We are thrilled to support this extraordinary group of artists from across the U.S. Their practices are diverse, engaging issues of social justice and experimenting with form. We feel their voices are particularly important at this moment in the world, and through our funding we hope to help amplify them.”

2016 Grantees:

Sandra Haydee Alonso (El Paso, TX)
Wearable sculptural works that question borders, identity, and relationships.

Katrina Andry (New Orleans, LA)
Ongoing printmaking work involving vignettes that challenge racial stereotyping.

Sadie Barnette (Oakland, CA)
Work based on the FBI files and COINTELPRO’s surveillance of the artist’s father and his activities with the Black Panthers.

Black Salt Collective 
(Oakland/Los Angeles, CA)
Ongoing performance and archiving work of this Black, Brown and Indigenous women artist collective.

Frank Chi (Washington DC)
New short film that remixes imagery from the women’s suffrage movement.

Complex Movements (Detroit, MI)
Ongoing multi-media performance and installation work engaging community-led social justice movements in Detroit and beyond.

Michelle Dizon (Los Angeles, CA)
The Archive’s Fold, an artist’s book that explores the politics of archives.

Skylar Fein (New Orleans, LA)
Ongoing work with Parisite, a community-based New Orleans skate park, and the youth who built it.

FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture (Baltimore, MD)
Nuestra Tierra, Mi Cuerpo, a Monument Quilt display at the US/Mexico border in collaboration with La Casa Mandarina and Latinx survivors of rape and abuse.

Vanessa German (Pittsburgh, PA)
Museum of Resilience, a neighborhood art place centered around the global interconnectedness and power of human beings.

Harriet’s Apothecary (Brooklyn NY)
Ongoing work of this healing justice collective led by Black cis women, queer and trans healers, health professionals, artists and ancestors.

Taro Hattori (Richmond, CA)
Rolling Counterpoint, a mobile teahouse providing a platform for discussions around inequities within local communities.

Xandra Ibarra (Oakland, CA)
New performance about corporeal inhabitation, racialized skin and concealment in the age of surveillance.

Jellyfish Colectivo y Los Dos 
(El Paso, TX)
Collaborative traveling street art initiative along the US/Mexico border.

Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. (Detroit, MI)
Ongoing poster printing for concerts at Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the USA.

Young Joon Kwak (Los Angeles, CA)
New body of work involving trans performance objects.

Troy Michie (Brooklyn, NY)
Travel to El Paso towards the development of multi-disciplinary works inspired by the Zoot suit.

Holly Nordlum (Anchorage, AK)
Tupik Mi, a film and community based project dedicated to the revitalization of traditional tattooing amongst Inuit women.

Ahamefule Oluo (Seattle, WA)
Development of SUSAN, a theatrical performance about the artist’s mother.

Laura Ortman (Brooklyn, NY)
Ongoing work involving the recording and collection of sounds, songs, stories and voices of Native Americans in New York City.

Otabenga Jones and Associates (Houston, TX)
Creation of an education and activity packet for the youth of Houston’s historic Third Ward neighborhood.

Sondra Perry (Perth Amboy, NJ)
Video work involving the NCAA’s use of the artist’s twin brother’s likeness.

Dario Robleto (Houston, TX)
A body of work centered around the history of the heartbeat.

Tina Takemoto (San Francisco, CA)
The third in a trilogy of experimental films about queer Japanese life during American wartime imprisonment.

Rodrigo Valenzuela 
(Los Angeles, CA/Seattle, WA)
Video work about unpaid labor, volunteering, and internship culture.

Judith Walgren (San Francisco, CA)
Photographic and video work towards an alternate curriculum challenging existing K-5th grade California Mission studies.

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MFA-V Alumna Kathy Couch | Performance|Portrait @ Invisible Dog Art Center

PERFORMANCE| PORTRAIT by A CANARY TORSI – Invisible Dog presents a canary torsi’s new responsive video installation, Performance | Portrait. The work invites each visitor to an encounter with a performer. Grounded in questions of intimacy and connection within the performance experience, four distinguished performers were recorded maintaining their focus on a future audience.

Yanira Castro (Concept/Choreographer), Kathy Couch (Installation Artist), Stephan Moore (Interaction Designer), Julie Wyman (Filmmaker)

Anna Azrieli, Leslie Cuyjet, Peter Schmitz, David Thomson

This exhibition is part of Intermediaries, a 2016 program co-commissioned and presented by the Invisible Dog and Immediate Medium and funded by the New York State Council on the Arts.

Commissioning support for Performance I Portrait also provided by the Catherine Tell Foundation and Creative Art Council at Brown University, as a part of The Conference for Research on Choreographic Interfaces (CRCI). Performance I Portrait is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC). It was developed, in part, during a BRIClab Residency at BRIC House in Brooklyn, NY, a residency with producing partner High Concept Labs in Chicago, and with residency support from Gibney Dance Center and ISSUE Project Room in New York and Amherst College in MA. Additional support provided by UC Davis, CA.

Opening Reception: Saturday December 3, from 6 to 10pm
On viewing from Monday to Saturday from 12pm to 7pm, Sunday from 12pm to 5pm

Part of WONDERLAND, annual group exhibition at The Invisible Dog.

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Summer 2016 Grads

Patrick DeGuira

Patrick DeGuira

Ruth Moon

Ruth Moon

Katie Richardson

Katie Richardson

David Kutz

David Kutz

Andrea Beck

Andrea Beck

Judith Brisson

Judith Brisson

Lana Taliaferro

Lana Taliaferro

Karen Louise Spears

Karen Louise Spears

Nikki Juen

Nikki Juen

Veronica Cross

Veronica Cross


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Moksha Sommer

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Performance and Installation 2016 air jordan Sneakers | Mens Flynit Trainers

Winter 2016 Residency Exhibitions

Michael Flint

Michael Flint, Photo Credit: Martin Castaneda

Public Private Collective, Photo Credit: Martin Castaneda

Lana Taliaferro, Photo Credit: Martin Castaneda

Mollie Webster, Photo Credit: Martin Castaneda

Corey Pickett, Photo Credit: Martin Castaneda

David Kutz

Karen Spears, Photo Credit: Martin Castaneda

Holly Britt, Photo Credit: Martin Castaneda

Nikki Juen, Photo Credit: Martin Castaneda

Samantha Lantz, Photo Credit: Martin Castaneda

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Alumni Feature-Paula Imirzian Aug ’15

Paula Imirzian, "Body Alteration" (2014) Lab Book 3.5x5.5, acrylic, gouache, ink. Photo Chip Rutan

Paula Imirzian, “Body Alteration” (2014) Lab Book 3.5×5.5, acrylic, gouache, ink. Photo Chip Rutan

Research “Lab Book” (2014) on eugenics inspired by “The Black Stork” by Martin Pernick

Paula Imirzian, “Below the Skin” (2014) installation

Research articles and images mapped to the body on Mylar (2014)

Research image of brain MRI

Paula Imirzian, “Yellow Growth” (2015) digital art

Paula Imirzian, “P2498” and “Bio-Xform” (2015) installation. Photo Martin Castaneda

Paula Imirzian, “Bio-Xform” (2015) still of interactive digital image application

Paula Imirzian, “P2498” (2015) still from 3 minute stop motion animation

Paula Imirzian, “Below the Skin” (2014) still from 2 minute stop motion animation


My work resides at the intersection of biotechnology and art as I investigate the body and its environment, with a focus at the molecular level. I am concerned with how we humans – as well as the organisms around us – can be manipulated and controlled at the cellular level without our full knowledge and perhaps changed beyond repair.

By relying upon information that is often diluted and diminished through mass media, our view of complicated scientific information is at best simplistic. The complex nature of science leaves us in a grey area of not having complete information about our world. Nevertheless, while we remain uninformed, amazing scientific advances take place. Perhaps some of these advances wouldn’t happen if we were truly informed? Or perhaps they might happen in ways that could be more productive or responsible?

Many artists influence and provide direction to my research and art: subRosa, Critical Art Ensemble, Anab Jain, and VCFA faculty Faith Wilding. Museum collections, medical imagery,  historical writing as well as current writing from Richard Lewontin, Donna Haraway, and Evelyn Fox Keller provide perspective into scientific endeavors. I also review scientific research and collate articles to create notebooks (Lab Books) to track my research. As I do so, I am reminded that we aren’t so far removed from the eugenic practices of the past, as we proceed to categorize, and alter ourselves and our surroundings at a microscopic level. I am also aware of the difficulty of using art to critique and inform about science and medicine. With this in mind, I try to balance scientific intrigue with various artistic techniques to engage, attract, repel and enlighten.



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In Residence

from L-R: Cauleen Smith, Naeem Mohaiemen, AK Burns, Ashley Hunt

Then Artist-in-Residence, now program Co-Chair, Luis Jacob participates in graduate Matthew Whitney's work.

Then Artist-in-Residence, now program Co-Chair, Luis Jacob participates in graduate Matthew Whitney’s work.

Faculty Ashley Hunt leads workshop

Faculty Ashley Hunt leads workshop

Faculty critique with Dont Rhine.

Faculty critique with Dont Rhine.

Faculty Critique with Cauleen Smith

Casey Neumann

Casey Neumann


Alumnus John James Donaldson


Research group notes


Returning Student Opening

Artist and alumna Yukiyo Kawano


Artist and alumna Laura Alger in her mobile studio space

The “Ark” Alumni Hall Student Exhibition

Guest Artist John Willis leads critique.

Guest Artist John Willis leads critique.

Installation in process, Artist Joann Block

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Winter 2014 Grads

Cai Xi Silver

Cai Xi Silver

Craig Saddlemire

Craig Saddlemire

Hunter Neal

Hunter Neal

Jeffrey Jennings

Jeffrey Jennings

Tara Smith

Tara Smith

Stephen Maine

Stephen Maine

Robin McLaurin

Robin McLaurin

Patricia Miranda

Patricia Miranda

Michele Shibley

Michele Shibley

Louis Tortora

Jenna Kelly

Jenna Kelly

Claudia De Loach

Carissa Burkett

Carissa Burkett

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Summer 2015 Grads

Nate Burgos

Nate Burgos (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

Lori Grinker

Lori Grinker (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

Shari Pratt

Shari Pratt (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

Tara Sasiadek

Tara Sasiadek (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

John Gibson

John Gibson (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

Robby Gilbert

Robby Gilbert (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

David Joron

David Joron (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

Denise Hoover

Denise Hoover (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

Ruby De La Fuente

Ruby De La Fuente (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

Erica Lynn

Erica Lynn (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

Paula Imirzian

Paula Imirzian (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

Chip Rutan

Chip Rutan

Nancy Deleary

Nancy Delray (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

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