Winter 2018 MFA in Visual Art graduates!


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Winter 2017 Grads


Holly Britt


Simone Spruce-Torres


Lillie Grace


Vicki Knipp


Lori Victor


Guy Coffin


Jon Chapman


Moksha Sommer


Luann Bice

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Residency Public Events | 2017

The MFA in Visual Art program would like to invite the community to join us for presentations with our Visiting Artists, as well as student exhibitions, January 28 through February 3.

Graduating Student Exhibition – VCFA Gallery

  • Tuesday, January 31 – Friday, February 3. Hours: 9am-6pm. Gallery may be closed for critiques and reviews as determined by the program.
  • Opening: Monday, January 30, 8-9:30pm, VCFA Gallery

The daily exhibitions are free and open to the public most days. Please be considerate of critique groups and closures as needed for academic purposes.

New and Returning Student Exhibitions – Alumni Hall

  • Sunday, January 29 – Friday, February 3. Hours: 9am-6pm.
  • Opening: Saturday, January 28, 7-8:30pm, Alumni Hall

Gallery may be closed for critiques and reviews as determined by the program.

Visiting Artists Presentations:

Art, Place and Place-making
  • Sunday, January 29, 10:30am to noon,  College Hall Chapel
  • Artist-in-Residence, Mildred Beltré, will discuss her practice.

Mildred BeltreMildred Beltré, is a Brooklyn-based artist, mother, and popular educator working in print, drawing, and participatory politically engaged practice to explore facets of social change. She is interested in exploring political movements and their associated social relations and structures. Her most recent work involves looking at revolutionary theorizing and posturing through a feminist lens.

Beltré’s selected national exhibitions include: International Print Center New York, NYC; Burlington City Arts, Burlington, VT; Five Myles Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; BRIC, Brooklyn, NY; Smack Mellon, Brooklyn, NY; Freedman Gallery, Albright College, Reading, PA; University of Colorado, Boulder, CO; Art in General, NYC ; and international group shows at Projecto Ace, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Hollar Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic; Brun Leglise Gallery, Paris, France; among others.

Her work is included in the Special Collections of the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY, and the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN, among others.

She has been awarded residencies at the Lower East Side Printshop, the Vermont Studio Center, and the Santa Fe Art Institute. She has received grants from the New York Foundation for the Arts, the Brooklyn Arts Council,  Brooklyn Foundation, and the Rema Hort Foundation, among others.

Beltré is the co-founder of the Brooklyn Hi-Art! Machine, an ongoing socially engaged collaborative art project in Crown Heights, Brooklyn that addresses gentrification and community building through art-making.

  • Sunday, January 29, 7pm, College Hall Chapel
  • A poetic meditation/reading/screening performed by MFA in Visual Art faculty, Viet Le and Faith Wilding with slides of images of colonial subjects from National Geographic, rephotographed and titled by faculty member, Michelle Dizon. A discussion with the audience follows.
Brooklyn Hi-Art! Machine: Community and Collaboration
  • Wednesday, February 1, 1-2:30pm, Chapel, College Hall
  • Artist-in-Residence, Mildred Beltré, and her collaborator, Visiting Artist Oasa DuVerney, will discuss their collaborative work.

Mildred and OasaThe Brooklyn Hi-Art! Machine is a socially-engaged project started in 2010 by artists Mildred Beltré and Oasa DuVerney. Dubbing ourselves the “Official Unofficial Artists in Residence” of our block, we set up tents, tables, and art supplies on the street outside our apartment building and invited anyone walking by to stop and make art with us. In this way we co-founded the Brooklyn Hi-Art! Machine (BHAM), a collaborative public art intervention that explores art-making as a community-building tool.

Often when a neighborhood is undergoing rapid change, outdoor space is criminalized for some while being preserved for others. One thing that the BHAM seeks to do in its insistence to be outdoors, and particularly on the street, is about claiming the street as a generative space for people of color. Public and collective projects are a way of combating the social isolation that leads to suspicion amongst neighbors as opposed to cooperation. By engaging our neighbors on the street, we facilitate conversation and trust which is often lost when a community undergoes significant transition and upheaval. Our vision is to facilitate a public space for community members—often silenced by socio-economic circumstances—to get informed, feel empowered, create, and organize to take positive action.

As artists it is important to us to not create work solely for the gallery, but also to use our practice to make artwork with and for our community. By creating weavings and art activities on our sidewalks we provide a visible and participatory space for Crown Heights residents of all ages to see and interact with each other. These workshops serve as a creative outlet for our neighbors and provide an opportunity to engage with each other outside of the daily routine and thus encourage a new kind of interaction, one leading to new social relations based on mutual respect and understanding. The fence weavings provide an opening for that conversation amongst neighbors to begin.

Oasa DuVerney is a Brooklyn-based artist and mother, born in Queens, New York. Selected exhibitions include “The View From Nowhere,” Rush Arts Gallery, NYC (2016); “The Window and the Breaking of the Window,” Studio Museum in Harlem, NYC (2016); The Brooklyn Biennial, BRIC, Brooklyn NY (2016), “Crossing the Line,” Mixed Greens Gallery, NYC (2013); “March On!,” Brooklyn Academy Of Music (2013); “Through A Glass Darkly,” Postmasters Gallery, NYC (2012).

DuVerney was awarded the Rush Philanthropic Foundation Artist Residency (2016), Smack Mellon Studio Artist Residency (2014-2015) the LMCC Workspace program residency (2012-2013), Brooklyn Foundation Grant (2016) a grant from the Brooklyn Arts Council (2011), a grant award from the Citizens Committee For New York City (2010, 2013), and the Aljra Emerge Fellowship by the Aljira Center for Contemporary Art (2007).

Media and Publications include The Independent, UK (2016), PIX 11 News (2016), Hyperallergic (2015, 2016), The Guardian, UK (2015), Palestine News Network (2013), The New York Times (2012, 2011), and The New York Daily News (2010). She received her B.F.A. from the Fashion Institute of Technology and her M.F.A. from Hunter College, CUNY.

Visiting Artists/Scholars during the Visual Art residency:

Damali Abrams, Ujju Aggarwal, Eshrat Erfanian, Nils Karsten, Suzy Spence, Rodrigo Valenzuela, and John Willis.

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MFA in Visual Art Alumni—San Diego Exhibition Opens Friday, 11/25

Recent work from eleven MFA in Visual Art, Graphic Design, and Writing alumni will be exhibited at the City Heights Performance Annex in San Diego, CA. Opening reception on November 26.

In honor of the 25th Anniversary of the VCFA Visual Art program, artist alumni from around the country are creating regional exhibitions in their communities.

Premiered in GVG Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM, the exhibition, Line Align Realign travels to the City Heights Performance Annex in San Diego.

Join us on Opening Night—Saturday, November 26, 5-8pm
City Heights Performance Annex
3791 Fairmount Avenue
San Diego, CA 92105

The exhibition will also be open on Friday, November 25 and Sunday, November 27 from 12-6pm.

Participating artists include: Irene Abraham, Muriel Angelil, Samantha Eckert, Renee Lauzon, Angela Meron, Fiona Phillips, Barbara Rockman, Michael Ruiz, Sumru Tekin, Terrill Thomas, and Blair Vaughn-Gruler.

Image credit: “Align/Realign I” 2016 by Angela Meron

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Summer 2016 Grads

Patrick DeGuira

Patrick DeGuira

Ruth Moon

Ruth Moon

Katie Richardson

Katie Richardson

David Kutz

David Kutz

Andrea Beck

Andrea Beck

Judith Brisson

Judith Brisson

Lana Taliaferro

Lana Taliaferro

Karen Louise Spears

Karen Louise Spears

Nikki Juen

Nikki Juen

Veronica Cross

Veronica Cross


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Performance and Installation 2016 air jordan Sneakers | Mens Flynit Trainers

Winter 2016 Residency Exhibitions

Michael Flint

Michael Flint, Photo Credit: Martin Castaneda

Public Private Collective, Photo Credit: Martin Castaneda

Lana Taliaferro, Photo Credit: Martin Castaneda

Mollie Webster, Photo Credit: Martin Castaneda

Corey Pickett, Photo Credit: Martin Castaneda

David Kutz

Karen Spears, Photo Credit: Martin Castaneda

Holly Britt, Photo Credit: Martin Castaneda

Nikki Juen, Photo Credit: Martin Castaneda

Samantha Lantz, Photo Credit: Martin Castaneda

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Alumni Feature-Paula Imirzian Aug ’15

Paula Imirzian, "Body Alteration" (2014) Lab Book 3.5x5.5, acrylic, gouache, ink. Photo Chip Rutan

Paula Imirzian, “Body Alteration” (2014) Lab Book 3.5×5.5, acrylic, gouache, ink. Photo Chip Rutan

Research “Lab Book” (2014) on eugenics inspired by “The Black Stork” by Martin Pernick

Paula Imirzian, “Below the Skin” (2014) installation

Research articles and images mapped to the body on Mylar (2014)

Research image of brain MRI

Paula Imirzian, “Yellow Growth” (2015) digital art

Paula Imirzian, “P2498” and “Bio-Xform” (2015) installation. Photo Martin Castaneda

Paula Imirzian, “Bio-Xform” (2015) still of interactive digital image application

Paula Imirzian, “P2498” (2015) still from 3 minute stop motion animation

Paula Imirzian, “Below the Skin” (2014) still from 2 minute stop motion animation


My work resides at the intersection of biotechnology and art as I investigate the body and its environment, with a focus at the molecular level. I am concerned with how we humans – as well as the organisms around us – can be manipulated and controlled at the cellular level without our full knowledge and perhaps changed beyond repair.

By relying upon information that is often diluted and diminished through mass media, our view of complicated scientific information is at best simplistic. The complex nature of science leaves us in a grey area of not having complete information about our world. Nevertheless, while we remain uninformed, amazing scientific advances take place. Perhaps some of these advances wouldn’t happen if we were truly informed? Or perhaps they might happen in ways that could be more productive or responsible?

Many artists influence and provide direction to my research and art: subRosa, Critical Art Ensemble, Anab Jain, and VCFA faculty Faith Wilding. Museum collections, medical imagery,  historical writing as well as current writing from Richard Lewontin, Donna Haraway, and Evelyn Fox Keller provide perspective into scientific endeavors. I also review scientific research and collate articles to create notebooks (Lab Books) to track my research. As I do so, I am reminded that we aren’t so far removed from the eugenic practices of the past, as we proceed to categorize, and alter ourselves and our surroundings at a microscopic level. I am also aware of the difficulty of using art to critique and inform about science and medicine. With this in mind, I try to balance scientific intrigue with various artistic techniques to engage, attract, repel and enlighten.



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Winter 2014 Grads

Cai Xi Silver

Cai Xi Silver

Craig Saddlemire

Craig Saddlemire

Hunter Neal

Hunter Neal

Jeffrey Jennings

Jeffrey Jennings

Tara Smith

Tara Smith

Stephen Maine

Stephen Maine

Robin McLaurin

Robin McLaurin

Patricia Miranda

Patricia Miranda

Michele Shibley

Michele Shibley

Louis Tortora

Jenna Kelly

Jenna Kelly

Claudia De Loach

Carissa Burkett

Carissa Burkett

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Summer 2015 Grads

Nate Burgos

Nate Burgos (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

Lori Grinker

Lori Grinker (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

Shari Pratt

Shari Pratt (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

Tara Sasiadek

Tara Sasiadek (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

John Gibson

John Gibson (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

Robby Gilbert

Robby Gilbert (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

David Joron

David Joron (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

Denise Hoover

Denise Hoover (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

Ruby De La Fuente

Ruby De La Fuente (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

Erica Lynn

Erica Lynn (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

Paula Imirzian

Paula Imirzian (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

Chip Rutan

Chip Rutan

Nancy Deleary

Nancy Delray (photo credit: Martin Castaneda)

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