Co-Chair Dalida Benfield Launches Art & Pedagogy Initiative

24 Hour Social Studies is an art and pedagogical initiative for inauguration day. 

SOCIAL STUDIES is a required national curriculum that is designed to teach ten different essential understandings for successful democratic civic life and participation in the United States. While not perfect, the curriculum is pretty darn good.

Yet, it is obvious, given the apathy and lack of participation, the anti-social and anti-democratic divisiveness, rampant racism, sexism, lack of civic compassion, lack of understanding of the principles that underpin our government, and the voting in of a completely unqualified person to be president, who is now nominating completely unqualified people to be in his cabinet, that SOCIAL STUDIES has failed.

It’s time to pay attention, kids!

We’re organizing a remedial education project. Designed for all of us, of any age, who want to revisit some of the core principles of U.S. civil society and further, expand and push on them to include our contemporary ideals and visions of the future.

What: A 24 hour distributed “teach in” on SOCIAL STUDIES, using as a take-off point the U.S. Social Studies curriculum strands.

Including video screenings, lectures, readings, and reading discussions, this is a collaborative effort of artists, activists, and educators to build, share, and discover new knowledge based on these 10 standards.

Why: It seems that part of what has happened in the U.S. is a failure to successfully teach anything approaching these Social Studies standards. So let’s teach, learn, and unlearn, critically re-frame “Social Studies” for our collective future.

When: Midnight to midnight EST on January 20.

Who: You! And us! Join us! Participate in one of the many events and/or contribute in some way -a lecture, a reading, a video, facilitating a discussion during the day…please let us know what you could do!”

Events and discussions lead by faculty member Salome Chasnoff and past visiting artist Raul Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet.

Check the website for further updates.

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