Views from VA studios across the country and beyond

Alumnx: Kate Donnelly (S 18), Burlington, VT, United States

Everything is on wheels in my studio.This makes it easy to re-arrange the space to accommodate a variety of activities and events including video shoots, performance rehearsals, installations, exhibitions, screenings, classes, critiques and meetings with my collective, Snakehouse. In the photos above, one shows the space in preparation for an exhibition. The other shows an entryway created for a week-long class on the theme of fantasy and the surreal.

Although I spend time working in other, more emotionally charged spaces as well (such as my home, the mutable space of a landscape or garden, or my mother’s emptied house before we let it go), my studio is home base. It’s where I store materials and objects, and spend much of my time. I appreciate what it can do, its flexibility, and how its architecture and size inspires certain activity and movement in general (roller skating for example.)