views from VA studios across the country and beyond

Alumnx: Emily Lanctot (S 10) Marquette, MI, United States

There are two workspaces plus several bookcases in my home studio. One desk primarily for drawing and collage and the other is set up for painting and photo transfers. The wooden desk is an old Ford desk. The drawers are filled with collections of old paper ephemera for collage. The surface and nearby shelves contain gobs of colored pencils, pens, markers, etc. The shelf above is filled with tools and an Andy Warhol wig. The wall behind my desk has a colorful children’s game, a handkerchief made by Israeli artist Orna Ben Ami, and a couple of beeswax folk ornaments made by an artist friend, Christine Saari. My workspace indicates my fondness for color and light. I sit in front of my happy light every morning.

I have two workspaces to easily bounce between different projects, painting, collage, drawing, and photo projects. (These days, one space transforms into a Zoomscape.) My projects are grounded in the everyday – patterns, power, identity, ritual, architecture, and interiors. I am interested in collections (shelf-scape detail), and I wonder if we make objects or if objects make us. In between long and focused projects, I play with materials to create formal sketches.